Willis Bros React

Near the beginning of Covid in 2020, I started a new YouTube channel called Willis Bros React with my brothers and a few friends to react to movies we made during our teens and early college years. I have all of the episodes archived below for your enjoyment.


Corey, Nathan and Phil all have the pleasure of reacting with fellow film maker and director Tim Buel! You can check out Tim’s current projects at http://timbuel.com​. We were making independent “films” in the same city, at the same time, unaware of each other’s existence until many years later. While the Willis Bros’ videos tended to be random sketches that focused on outdated references, inside jokes and wacky subjects- Tim’s films with Black Sands Production stood out in contrast with his darker, grittier and more grounded concepts. Imagine the fun we could have had if the two groups had come together and collaborated… Well, you don’t have to imagine! We did just that, and you can see both groups react to one of those cooperative pieces this episode.

The Willis Bros are incredibly excited to welcome Tim as our guest. His feedback is always relevant, humorous and shows that he has an insight both into production and into comedy. We hope you enjoy our conversations in this episode where we react to our short film Captive, “written” by Corey Willis. If you don’t, please send all of your hate mail to Corey. What’s the story of the film? What’s the story of LOST? Probably something similar.

Zambodian Training Camp

Corey and Nathan are joined by an old friend of WBAC, Erik! While we may not always spell his name correctly, we do always appreciate his contributions to our old videos. We go over an old video of ours today called Zambodian Training Camp. Your guess as to why we used the name “Zambodia” is probably as good as ours. The video might not be great, but at least we had a few laughs watching through it and reminiscing about “the good old days” with Erik. Like our video? Consider pressing that “like” button and leaving a comment. Also, check out some of our videos, we’re hoping to make many more! Enjoy, and have fun.

Zambodian Training Camp was one of WBAC’s first videos after getting free video editing software. We were in our early teens and didn’t know what we were doing, so it’s a bit rough around the edges. You can also get a glimpse into the political world at the time of the video (around 2003 or 2004) like with the joke about speaking French being “foul language” (Anybody remember the unfortunate anti French sentiment in early 2000’s with items such as “freedom fries” and “freedom bread”?)

Best Served Cold

This week we React to a snow-bound hijinks movie we made while staying in Big Bear, California. There’s swashbuckling, portals, snow-related violence, and lots and lots weird plot twists coming your way! Special guest Josh Hill shared all of his filming and French Onion Soup related memories. Please leave a comment if you’d like us to obtain Josh’s coveted French Onion Soup recipe. Also, leave a like and comment if you want a GIF of Josh sledding down the hill and Nathan climbing up the wall. *Olaf was harmed in the making of this video. We portaled him in from the Frozen dimension just so we could dismantle him.

Toy Story 3

The version of Toy Story 3 that you know and love could have turned out very different! In this previously unreleased early version of Toy Story 3, Buzz Lightyear’s brother is back and he’s here for blood. There’s romance, violence, revenge, and family fun! We think this video was originally recorded at a friend’s birthday party, but we just recently edited it together into something watchable. Watchable by our standards, okay? We have a few other previously unseen movies that we’re editing together so we can react to them. It’s strange to have so many projects that nobody ever saw, but some of them were for a good reason… they weren’t amazing. They’re still great for the Willis Bros to React to!


Join the titular Willis Bros as they dive deep into the WBAC mythology, along with special guest Erik Roe (Also spelled Eric Rowe, Erick Row, Erikc Roo). Aftermath studios was a short lived rebrand of the WBAC sketches, usually trying a little harder to make more sense and feel more like an effort was actually put into the productions. Also, it has a cool picture of an upside down guy so what’s not to like? Interception has the most number of “actors”, besides They Were Swat (which will be featured in a future episode). Hope you enjoy! Please leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Kill Buel Vol 1

This week, the Willis Bros are joined by special guest Tim Buel (timbuel.com), watching one of his old shorts from the Black Sands Productions days. While the Willis Bros tended to focus on weird, zany and random shorts, Tim always had a mind for production quality and cinematic excellence. The effort he and his crew put into his short films is evident, as they still have a nice quality to them, even if they were made by inexperienced teens. How can someone make an homage or parody of a film which they haven’t even seen? Watch and find out as the Willis Bros react to Kill Buel!

Nathan of the Opera

Nathan of the Opera was written and performed by the amazingly talented, devlishly handsome, impeccably dressed, virtuous, handsome, strong-willed, handsome, and overall amazing human being Nathan R Willis (Of Case: Open fame). Joining the Willis Bros on this episode is Dan Wahba, an old friend of WBAC. Though he’s more well known on our channel from hits such as Respect the Badge (1, 2 and 3), he’s been a long time fan of our videos as well, and suggested we check out Nathan of the Opera. Tell us what you think after watching it. Did Nathan throw away a possible light opera career? Could he replace Gerard Butler in the next film adaptation of Phantom of the Opera?? Leave a comment below!


Get ready for an… interesting (That word is used way too often with WBAC react videos, but it’s the nicest word we can think of for some of our old sketches) episode where we’re again joined by longtime friend Erik Roe. Will his name be spelled correctly in the credits this time? Or in the episode itself? Will his name even appear in the credits?? You better watch all the way to find the answer to these extremely important questions!