My Favorite Games of 2021

2021 is done and dusted. In many ways, it was a terrible year, especially in Boulder, CO, where I live. I did have a few video games to keep me distracted when it was unbearable. 7. Valheim One thing you can count on is there will always be another survival crafting game. The better games…

Keeping Your Important Files Backed Up and Secure

There’s nothing worse than losing your cherished files. Whether it’s your term paper, novel draft, or old family photos, you want to get your backup strategy worked out now, not later. You can’t fix the problem retroactively. If anything can go wrong, eventually, it will go wrong, and you will regret not spending the time…

Indoor Camping Test

We wanted to test out our new camping gear while we wait for Colorado to thaw out. We purchased a tent, mattress, and sleeping bag combo we purchased from REI. It was really fun to set it all up and spend the night in it. We hung out and played Switch games and watched some…

Devils Thumb – Boulder, CO Hike

Monica and I went hiking on a warm, sunny Sunday on February 28th, 2021. The ground was still packed with plenty of snow from the recent storm. We live just below the trails leading up to Devil’s Thumb.

New Jacob Dale Willis Section

I added page, and many sub-pages dedicated to my grandfather, Jacob Dale Willis. There’s lots of information, music, pictures, and videos.

Estes Park Snowy Adventure

Monica and I celebrated our belated one year anniversary at the gorgeous Estes Park this February. We stayed a cute little hotel (really a motel that had cutesy upgrades) right next to down town Estes Park called Murphy’s River Lodge.

A Heaven

The old coal miner dug into the hard rock and soot with his pickax. The black clay seeped deep into his pores. He brandished a filthy handkerchief and removed his perspiration. A glint of light bounced off a large piece of coal. Startled, he whipped around with his ax raised.“Who is it?”The blue light from…


This is the place where I’m going to post all of my travel adventures and stories. Come back about once a month for new stuff. I’ll be doing retrospectives on old trips, logging new ones, adding old stories, adding new stories.

Norway 2018 Trip Video

In April 2018, I traveled to Norway with my wife (then my girlfriend) and my sister Christie. It was one of the coolest trips I’ve ever been on it and have many fond memories from this trip. All of the music is Norwegian music we found and listened to on the trip as well.

New York Trip 2008

My grandpa Vito took my brother Nathan and I to New York City in 2008.