Devils Thumb – Boulder, CO Hike

Monica and I went hiking on a warm, sunny Sunday on February 28th, 2021. The ground was still packed with plenty of snow from the recent storm. We live just below the trails leading up to Devil’s Thumb. There are several great trails leading up to, and around Devils Thumb in Boulder, CO.

This is the Devils Thumb. Scary.

Here’s my first attempt at a 360 photo to capture the whole scene. The black void in the ground is totally real by the way. We truly do live in end times. Also, yes, I am a pair of sentient legs.

Thanks for asking.

Someone was kind enough to leave a bottle of urine for future hikers. If you’re going to pee in a bottle, take it with you. You’re responsible for your own pee!

A good pair of hiking boots (this is what I use), or okay snow boots paired with shoe chains (this is what Monica uses) is a necessity for hiking the steep hills and navigating the slushy and slippery sections. We also use these walking sticks ($30 each at our local Costco) we purchased from Costco that have snow accessories for getting good balance even when your pole sinks into the snow.

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